MVP and the Annual Performance Appraisal

Many are called but few are chosen

MVP and the annual performance appraisals

The Legislature is the first and foremost of the three branches of Government. Therefore, performing and productive legislatures are a critical component in a country’s overall governance framework and are fundamental to promoting effective service delivery to citizens. Legislatures, through their constitutional mandates, fulfil three core functions in a democracy: Law-making, Representation, and Oversight.

In a bid to promote Legislative Accountability, OrderPaper Nigeria undertook an innovative and unprecedented performance appraisal of members of the 9th National Assembly since its first anniversary. These Appraisals, which offer a rich resource for research, education and citizen engagements on the National Assembly, were developed using the VVIP metric on Bills processing. VVIP is an acronym for Volume, Value, Impact and Progression.


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